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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your product cheaper than other indium products on the market?

From the very beginning we decided to invest in knowledge and technology rather than costly, traditional marketing strategies. Our goal is not to aggressively solicit customers. We don't spam, we don't send junk mail, we don't air infomercials, we don't even advertise in magazines. Instead, we use the power of the internet to help customers to find us. This allows us to avoid unnecessary costs and operate on a shoe string budget. We started by determining the profit we needed to make on one indium unit, then researched ways to minimize the cost of delivering that unit to the customer. This simple method is how we set the price of our products. We believe that this approach is both fair to our customers and beneficial for us.
How pure is your indium?

The indium sulfate we dissolve in distilled water comes with a certificate of 99.99% purity meaning that all combined contaminants amount to no more than 100 ppm (parts per million).

Is indium patented?

Indium is a mineral and as such cannot be patented. It is true, however, that Mr. George Bonadio obtained a U.S. patent for his "Methods for administering nutritional indium." However, when we researched the subject we found that the premises of the patent's claims have no credible scientific support. Mr. Bonadio believes that indium does not appear in the food chain and needs to be treated very specially, as his method recommends, in order to be absorbed. However, when we examined the data we found traces of indium everywhere, both in organic and inorganic matter. The mice in Schroeder's famous experiment that serve as a foundation of Mr. Bonadio's claims were not taking indium on the tips of their tongues, nor did they wait to brush their teeth for 10 minutes. They were absorbing indium from their drinking water and freely mixing it with the food. Also, please see our disclaimer regarding the patten issue
 here (http://indiumforlife.com/disclaimer.htm). 

How should I take indium?

For best absorption, take indium before you eat. Most of the absorption occurs in the mouth so don't be overly concerned with the contents of your stomach. Drops are perfectly OK but spraying is even better.

How does indium work?

Nobody knows. We do, however, have many educated guesses. Indium is a mineral, so we expect it to work in ways similar to other minerals. One thing to keep in mind about minerals is that they never work in isolation. That's why supplementing your diet with isolated minerals is a road full of unexpected frustrations and health risks. The power of indium is probably best explained not by what it does to your body but what it allows other minerals to do to your body. One cannot overlook the important fact that indium appears to facilitate absorption of many, very important essential minerals. This phenomenon is not unique to indium. Other minerals exhibit this property as well, although none of them as strongly as indium does.

To take full advantage of indium's potency make sure that your diet contains those other minerals as well. I recommend the very cheap and safe method of taking one teaspoonful of black molasses daily, but only if you can tolerate the extra sugar you take with it.

How long does a bottle last?

A 1/2 oz. bottle, which comes equipped with an eyedropper, contains approximately 350 drops. If you take 4 drops a day the bottle should last about 87 days, or almost 3 months. A 1 oz bottle equipped with an atomizer will produce approximately 180 sprays. It will therefore last 6 months, since one spray is equivalent to 4 drops with a great deal of accuracy.

Is indium safe?

One measure of mineral safety is its known toxicity. With this respect Indium is remarkably safe and gives us no reason to be concerned. Another measure of safety is its interaction with other minerals. In this respect, indium is essentially very good but we have to be a little cautious here. What is good for one person maybe not so good for another if those individuals differ in their mineral requirements. And remember that indium is toxic intravenously. Avoid contact with open wounds or cuts, as well as with your eyes, and keep it out of the reach of children.

Why should I buy from your company?

We offer our product at a good price and also provide quality assurance. A sample from each batch of indium that we make is sent to an independent laboratory for testing. The test results are posted on our website. We are serious not only about making money but also about research and knowledge.

Why don't you back up your product with unconditional guarantee like some other companies do?

We think these "unconditional guarantees" are little more than publicity stunts. It is rare that a nutritional supplement works for everyone and for every illness imaginable. Instead, we offer an affordable price and an $8 sample for those who just want to try the product.