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Free bottle of indium in exchange for your testimonial

We are collecting testimonials for several reasons. First, the FDA requires that all companies selling a new dietary supplement need to provide some evidence for the supplement efficacy. Secondly, we really want to know as much about indium as we can. Thirdly, having testimonials displayed on our website makes for a good advertising and helps the business.

If you bought indium from us previously and have been using it consistently for at least 2 months we want to hear from you.

Fill a short questionnaire and write a note telling us how indium did benefit you. Sign and send us those two papers and we will send you a free bottle of indium.

Here is the questionnaire. Also, let us know if we may publish your testimonial on our Web site and if so give us the following information: your age, sex, occupation and what state you are living in. Tell us if we may sign the testimonial with your full name, or just the initials. Here is a form to assist you with the task.

In your testimonial simply summarize the benefits and/or undesirable effects you experienced that you feel are most important and include a short summarizing statement (e.g. I am very happy with the supplement, it works great, it is worth the money I spent, it doesn’t do anything, it is a scam). Please, sign both the questionnaire and testimonial. Don’t forget to give us your address so we can send you the bottles.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Essential Health, Inc.