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Trace element/Pharmacological action

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Recommended Dosage: 2 - 4 drops (or 1 spray) per day

We have now accumulated over a year of experience with using and selling the indium supplement. During that time we studied literature and analyzed the customer feedback regarding their experience with indium.

The most compelling reason for investigating indium as a dietary supplement are the satisfied customers who come back to us to buy more indium and share the benefits they experience. The majority of those satisfied customers are older people, typically over 50 but we also had very satisfied customers in their late thirties. Although the benefits are numerous and it is difficult to predict what the next testimonial we receive is going to report, some benefits are being reported very frequently.

Many women experience quick and dramatic relief from painful menstruations. They also report improvement in the dry skin condition. Frequent are reports of indium helping in managing hot flashes and other menopausal disorders.

Perhaps the most common benefit reported when using indium - both by men and women - is increased energy and the sense of well being. Here we are walking a fine line between what is experienced by some as a great benefit and by others as a disturbing symptom. Some people experience decreased need for sleep while others a disruption of the sleeping cycle. Some people experience increased energy, others rather unpleasant and undesirable nervousness. We think that in both cases indium influences the thyroid function but the result depends on the preexisting thyroid condition. In general, people who suffer from sluggish thyroid function are very likely to experience improvement in their health and quality of life.

Some other reported benefits include increased libido and sexual potency, darkening of the greying hair, better skin and nails, weight loss, diminished desire to drink alcohol or smoke tobaco, improvement of the blood reading in patients with anemia, better kidneys. However, many customers who were hoping for improvement in those areas did not experience benefits they expected. This is not to say that indium is not a wonderful supplement after all. We would like to quote one of our customers who did not loose weight and could not suppress her desire for cigarettes with indium: "the change in my energy alone makes indium worth every penny I paid for it".

How one is to explain why indium is so beneficial to so many people? Indium is definitely one of those trace minerals, which like vanadium, exerts pharmacological effect on the body. In case of vanadium the pharmacological effects are explained by pointing out that it is biologically a very active mineral, which engages in the body in numerous biochemical reactions with enzymes and other proteins. Indium has not been studied in this context so we don't know much. We know, however, that indium affects how other minerals are absorbed and utilized in the body. In particular, we know that indium affects utilization of zinc, iron, copper and manganese, and probably several other important minerals. Therefore, the benefits we witness do not surprise us. Indium affects thyroid because the proper functioning of this gland depends on the right balance of iron, zinc and copper. Indium affects the immune system and skin because both immune system and skin depend on zinc. Indium helps people suffering from anemia because the proper blood count depends on iron and copper in the body.

There is no guarantee that indium will help with whatever health problem you might have. However, if you are a middle aged or older person and can recognize your health problem in some of the indium testimonials we think that indium is worth trying. Indium is very safe so there is no need to worry about dangers typically associated with overdosing on other trace minerals. As for the financial risks we made it very easy for anyone wanting to try. The $8 sample we offer is all it takes to get a solid proof whether indium will or will not work for you.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results vary from person to person.