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Does your heart hurt? Treatment is necessary!
What is dangerous pain in the heart? Type of vegetative-vascular dystonia, occurring with pain in the heart, referred to as cardiac. The nature of such pain is different: from aching,…

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Caution - ice: how to help a person who fell through the ice
Winter brings a lot of fun. Sledding or ice skating, playing snowballs, making snowmen. And, of course, hiking on skis, winter fishing. However, not all of this entertainment is safe.…

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Scoliosis in children
Scoliosis is a deformity of the spinal column, its lateral curvature. This pathology is very common: today, scoliosis of varying severity is found in 80% of schoolchildren. What is scoliosis…

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Does your heart hurt? Treatment is necessary!

What is dangerous pain in the heart?
Type of vegetative-vascular dystonia, occurring with pain in the heart, referred to as cardiac. The nature of such pain is different: from aching, bursting to sharp, piercing and burning. Often, the patient feels interruptions in the work of the heart, increased pulse and breathing, headache, weakness. Heart pain can appear both during physical exertion, and at rest and even in sleep, causing a person to wake up. The cardiac type of dystonia causes anxiety, panic, and depression in the patient. Suffer from general well-being. Full life and professional activities become impossible. Continue reading

Sedatives – the benefits and risks

Almost 80% of Russians today live in constant stress, experts say [1]. Anxiety, irritability, irritability, chronic sleep disturbances are the most frequent manifestations of everyday psycho-emotional overload, with complaints to which people refer to the pharmacy.

The appearance of these symptoms suggests that compensatory-adaptive mechanisms (body reactions that help it adapt to harmful factors and restore impaired functions. – Editor’s note.), Provide protection against pathogenic (pathogenic. – Editor’s note.) Effects of stress factors. on the body, working at the limit of their capabilities. If they finally give up, then serious health problems can not be avoided. Continue reading

What is the difference between generic drugs and original drugs?

Surely you are faced with the fact that the medicine of the same action, with the same active substance is different, and the price may vary significantly. Pharmacies explain that one drug – the original, and the other, cheap – generics. Hence the difference in price.

What is the original drug?
A pharmaceutical company, developing a new medicine, is investing huge amounts of money in it. The whole process: from finding an effective formula to putting a drug on sale – takes about $ 2 billion and several years. Continue reading

First aid for drug poisoning

Drug poisoning occurs quite often. This may be an intentional action – suicide, overdose, an attempt to self-treatment with the help of potent drugs. Often, children who swallow “beautiful” pills are victims of poisoning.

Drug poisoning is very dangerous. The victim necessarily requires emergency professional assistance, so the first step is to call an ambulance. Well, before the arrival of physicians should be provided to the poisoned first aid. Continue reading

When medicines can cause harm

In the home first aid kits usually reigns chaos. Along with high-quality medicines, they contain old, worn preparations, on which even the name is difficult to read. With this “good” is very difficult to part. What if it comes in handy?

When a person falls ill, the necessary medication is extracted from the bowels of the first-aid kit. But his reception does not help.

Unfortunately, spoiled drugs are not capable of benefit. And sometimes they can cause severe intoxication, significantly worsening the patient’s condition. Continue reading

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