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First aid for food poisoning

Food poisoning (food intoxication) is a nuisance from which no one is immune. That is why you need to be able to recognize it and provide necessary assistance to yourself or to the victim in time.

What can cause food poisoning
Causes of food poisoning may be different. It is customary to secrete toxico-infections and toxic poisonings.

Toxicoinfections, or food poisoning of microbial origin, occur when pathogenic microorganisms are ingested with food. The most common causes are pathogenic bacteria, which multiply in food when improperly stored or enter food when it is insufficiently processed (bacterial food poisoning).

Toxic poisoning caused by various poisons – chemicals or natural toxins contained in poisonous berries, mushrooms, etc.

The most dangerous in terms of food poisoning – perishable products:

fish and minced fish, sushi, made from raw fish;
meat, especially semi-finished meat products;
milk and dairy products;
salads, especially with mayonnaise dressing;
cakes and cream cakes.
It is not necessary to collect dubious mushrooms in the forest
Other foods that can cause food poisoning:

eggs – raw and semi-brown;
homemade canned food;
insufficiently washed raw fruits and vegetables;
fruits and vegetables with a high content of nitrates (have an increased ability to accumulate nitrates watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini);
poisonous and improperly cooked mushrooms, mushrooms that grow near the dumps, trails;
poisonous berries;
sprouted green potatoes;
raw beans.
Products are dangerous:

who have expired implementation;
in damaged original packaging;
in swollen banks;
having uncharacteristic appearance, color, texture, smell.
Symptoms of food poisoning
Whatever the cause of the food poisoning, its manifestations will be very similar. They can vary in intensity and severity depending on the type of toxic agent, age (children and the elderly suffer more heavily), and the amount of food eaten. But almost always there are signs of inflammation of the intestinal wall and stomach and manifestations of general intoxication of the body.

As a rule, symptoms of food poisoning appear after a few hours (2–6 hours), sometimes half an hour after eating a poor-quality product.

feeling unwell, weakness, malaise;
temperature rise is usually small;
abdominal distension, discomfort and pain cramping;
nausea with vomiting.
Symptoms of food poisoning
When severe poisoning, such as botulinum toxin, there are signs of damage to the nervous system:

blurred vision, fog before eyes, double vision;
swallowing problems, dry mouth;
loss of coordination;
muscle weakness.
What to do with food poisoning?
In cases of severe poisoning or poisoning that occurred after eating mushrooms, canned food, an ambulance should be called. Here are symptoms when immediate medical attention is needed:

frequent diarrhea, watery stools, blood impurities;
very high temperature;
there are signs of botulism, poisonous mushrooms poisoning – visual impairment, coordination, difficulty in swallowing, muscle weakness, hallucinations, delusions;
the victim is a small child, a man of old age, pregnant.
Algorithm of action in case of poisoning
Rinse the stomach. Give the victim to drink water or a solution of soda, salt, potassium permanganate (weak, light pink), then induce vomiting. Drink half a liter of liquid at a time. Continue rinsing until no impurities remain in the vomit. Usually this requires about 5 liters of fluid.
Take enterosorbent. Such drugs bind toxins and remove them. These are activated carbon, enterosgel, polysorb, filtrom.
Eliminate dehydration and restore electrolyte balance. For this purpose, special solutions are used: rehydron, glucosolan. It is also necessary to drink plenty of water: water at room temperature, weak tea.
If you poison you need to drink a lot
Usually, on the 2nd day relief comes, and all the symptoms of food poisoning disappear in 3-5 days. If diarrhea and vomiting do not stop, the victim does not feel better, you should consult a doctor.

What to eat after food poisoning
Food poisoning – a strong blow to the stomach and intestines. Therefore, food in this period should be as gentle as possible.

On the first day it is better to abstain from eating, leaving only drinking.

From the second day you can start eating. It is better to start with enveloping food: rice broth, slimy rice soup, liquid rice porridge on water. Then you can include in the menu vegetable puree (potato, carrot), light soups with vegetable broth, boiled lean beef, fish, poultry meat, jelly.

Need to give up dairy products, gas-forming products (legumes, cabbage), fruit, coffee. And of course, you can not drink alcohol, heavy, spicy, fatty, fried foods – anything that irritates the mucous.

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