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The story of deception: what is detox

The idea of ​​detox is hard not to get infected. On the one hand, it is practiced by many celebrities: Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek. They emphasize that they look and feel good due to detox.

On the other hand, constant fatigue, chronic fatigue, skin problems (and many other points) are inextricably linked with toxins that overwhelm the human body. It is not surprising that purification is the only chance to gain health and joy from life. But is it? It’s time to find out the whole truth about detox.

What is detox
A few years ago, the method of ridding the body of toxins and slags was popularized all over the world. She promised to improve the body, guaranteed weight loss and assured rejuvenation. This method is called detox.

So what is a detox for? The main idea of ​​this program is to cleanse the intestines from toxins.

It is believed that a lot of harmful substances accumulate in the human body. They come with alcohol, nicotine, unnatural food, excess sugar. Penetrate through the respiratory system and pores on the skin. Hypodynamia, the wrong way of life, constant stresses aggravate a situation. The human body is not capable of coping with the conclusion of such toxins. Therefore, he needs help – detox.

Use fruit and vegetables for cleansing.
There are many detox programs. So, Julia Vysotskaya practices vegetable or fruit smoothies and vegetable soups to cleanse the body, and Gwyneth Paltrow chooses carrot, ginger, avocado broths and vegetable salads.

But in the classical sense, detox combines several main activities: juice diets, hydrocolonotherapy, sauna and massage. At the same time, it is necessary to completely give up bad habits and eliminate the wrong food from the diet.
Detox history
The term “detox” is derived from a detoxification medical procedure. The latter involves the treatment of a patient whose body is poisoned by heavy metals, alcohol, narcotic substances, poisons. Detoxification is aimed at eliminating intoxication. This procedure is carried out in cases where a person’s life is in danger.

It is difficult to say who first got the idea to create such a trendy detox. It is believed that the technique is based on the teachings of the Austrian researcher naturopath doctor Franz Xavier Meier. He argued that human health is completely dependent on the state of his intestines. This theory became the basis of the movement to cleanse the body of toxins called detox.

What you need to know, or what detox propagandists are silent about
The need to cleanse the body looks very convincing. In addition, juice therapy seems to be quite a useful procedure. A recommendation to give up bad habits, fast food and junk food makes detox in the eyes of people a real breakthrough in healthy lifestyles.

What do scientists think? To this day, there is not a single scientific confirmation that detox is beneficial and really cleanses the body of toxins.
People rarely delve into the essence of the program, because such explanations are often full of incomprehensible terms. And instead of the desired understanding arises even more questions. Therefore, most are content with the “results” of other people practicing detox. By the way, doctors believe that the placebo principle most often works. So, the main myths and delusions about detox.

All need cleaning
Detox is based on dietary restrictions, and quite tough. A person who consumes only juices or smoothies during the day is almost starving. Such nutrition is not capable of providing the body with all the beneficial substances. For example, proteins, fats. Yes, and complex carbohydrates in the hungry menu is not enough.

By prescription, you can refuse protein products.
Fasting days are part of some therapeutic feeding schemes. They are usually prescribed to patients who are faced with exacerbations of chronic diseases. Fruit fasting day and the temporary rejection of protein foods help to relieve the kidneys during an attack. This reduces pain. In addition, inflamed kidneys are able to recover.

A temporary fast will give nothing to a healthy organism. After all, the bodies do not need recovery. And if a person’s immunity is reduced, gastrointestinal diseases and other pathologies are diagnosed, a hungry diet can cause serious harm.

Cleansing the body of toxins
This is the main postulate of detox. But the whole paradox is that there is no slag in the body.

Proponents of the theory of purification believe that a person regularly receives toxins with food or from the environment. What kind of toxins enter the body? In what quantities? And where is the guarantee that after detox their level decreases?

None of the advocates of the theory of purification speaks of this. Such studies have not been conducted. Therefore, it is impossible to argue that the detox cleans toxins.

The human body is a perfect system in which an independent mechanism of purification is provided. And it works very well (in a healthy person).

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