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What to do when mushroom poisoning

Going to the forest for mushrooms is a favorite hobby in our country. Collecting mushrooms – and rest, and relaxation, and stress relief, and a good help to the family budget. When the mushroom season begins, from July to the very frosts, everyone rushes into the forest — families, companies, and whole work teams.

At the same time, it is time for toxicologists to go hot. In the emergency room of hospitals bring poisoned forests. Medicine, unfortunately, is not always able to help – there are mushrooms that are deadly.

Mushrooms are edible, poisonous and …
Depending on the “edibility” emit mushrooms:

conditionally edible;
With the first and last everything is clear. Inedible mushrooms are not poisonous, but they are impossible to eat – they are very bitter, burning, sometimes they smell foul.
There are conditionally edible mushrooms. They can be eaten, but only after they are processed in a certain way: either soak for several days, or boil in several waters, etc. Without this, they can be inedible or poisonous.

What mushrooms can you poison?
Of course, poisonous, you say. Yes, but not only them. Any mushrooms can cause poisoning, except … inedible. You simply will not eat them – they are so bitter and caustic.

The most severe intoxication occur when using mushrooms that are poisonous. The most dangerous are the fly agaric and the toadstool.

You can get to the hospital, and after eating conditionally poisonous mushrooms, if they are not properly treated. A vivid example is the lines that you first need to boil twice, each time thoroughly rinsing.

But mushrooms, which are considered edible, are also not harmless. They accumulate in the pulp poisons and toxins contained in polluted air, water. That is why those mushrooms that grow around roads, dumps, in gardens and parks within the city are unsafe.

Toxic can be not only amanitas
Old, muddy mushrooms are also not recommended for food. They may contain toxic substances resulting from the decomposition of proteins.
Is it possible to poison pickled mushrooms? Yes, if they are badly rinsed, it is not enough to boil and store in hermetically sealed, twisted cans without air access. Poisoning is caused by botulinum toxin – a waste product of the microorganism Clostridium botulinum, it is the most toxic substance in the world.

And finally, you can get poisoned if at least one poisonous grebe is in the saucepan with the soup, in the pan or in a bucket of salted mushrooms. And everyone who ate this dish will be poisoned, and not just the one to whom it has come across.

How to understand that he poisoned mushrooms?
When a person is poisoned with mushrooms, he has certain symptoms. They differ, as mushrooms contain various toxins. But with any mushroom intoxication the following common symptoms occur:

throws in sweat, there is a strong weakness;
intestinal disturbances occur – pain, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, vomiting;
When poisoning with mushrooms, the stomach starts to hurt badly.
When consuming a pale toadstool, gastrointestinal disorders first develop. The next day it becomes easier for the patient, but this is far from recovery. A day later, the liver and kidneys begin to fail.

A characteristic feature of the “fly agaric” poisoning are hallucinations, difficulty breathing and swallowing, visual disturbances.

Poisoning by the lines occurs mainly with signs of gastrointestinal upset, jaundice develops on the second day.

Poisoning by eating false agaric, gall fungus is not so heavy. It manifests itself gastrointestinal disorders, weakness, increased heart rate, a drop in blood pressure.

Poisoning with canned mushrooms differs by visual impairment, namely doubling, mist in the eyes. Then the patient becomes hard to swallow, breathe, develop muscular weakness.

How long does it take to understand that mushroom poisoning has occurred?
Here the range is wide and is determined by the specific poison, as well as the individual characteristics of the poisoned person, his age, and his state of health. Intoxication may occur in the first hours, and maybe the next day.

Mushrooms should be collected in the depths of the forest.
The average time elapsed from the intake of poisonous fungi to the development of the first symptoms of trouble:

for pale toadstool – from 1 to 14 hours;
for mushroom – 2–5 hours;
for lines – 6–10 hours
for false experiences – 1–5 hours.
What to do if poisoned mushrooms
The effects of fungal intoxication can be very, very severe, even fatal. Therefore, if after a mushroom dish there are signs of poisoning, you should immediately go to the doctor. If marinated, canned mushrooms, pale toadstool become the likely culprit, then you should not hesitate and call an ambulance.

What can be done at home
Same as with other food intoxication – wash the stomach. To this end, you need to drink as much water as possible, you can add baking soda or make a weak solution of potassium permanganate (slightly pink). And then induce vomiting by pressing your fingers on the tongue. This washing should be done 3-5 times.

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