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What to do with a hangover

After a merry feast, a painful and hard morning may come. Birds chirping outside the window seem like vultures. The ringing alarm clock turns into the worst enemy, and every step of home moves in the head with a heavy blow. The picture is clear – this is a hangover.

A rhetorical question arises in my head: why was it so drunk? But the tired brain is not even going to look for an answer. It takes a completely different questions: how to get rid of a hangover and survive this day?

Why hangover appears
A hangover syndrome is a feeling of well-being that occurs a few hours after taking alcohol. It manifests itself with the following symptoms:

nausea, sometimes vomiting;
feeling thirsty;
tremor (tremor);
severe weakness;
hanging or reducing pressure.
Doctors say that a person who has “overdidled” the day before is always feeling guilty after sobering up. This feeling is dictated by the biochemical processes occurring in the body. The feeling of guilt arises even when the drinker has not done anything.
Causes of feeling sick

There are many methods to combat hangovers. Some of them do help, others can make you feel worse. In order to correctly choose the right ways, you need to understand what happens to the body during a hangover.

The morning after the feast, drink more water.

Alcohol, entering the human body, splits, forming toxic substances. One of these components is acetaldehyde. This poison is able to penetrate the cell membranes and cause disruption of the cells. And since toxins from the bloodstream are spread throughout the body, the process of intoxication affects all systems. Manifestation of headache, nausea, weakness.

Fluid imbalance

Ethanol helps to thicken the blood. This fluid is not able to circulate normally through the vessels. There is an improper redistribution of blood in the body. As a result, the sufferer appears puffy, there is a feeling of strong thirst.

Disturbed metabolism

To cope with toxins, the body spends many useful substances. The depletion of their own resources, which ensure the flow of metabolic processes, leads to metabolic disorders. The withdrawal of toxins and harmful substances is worsening. Nausea increases, vomiting appears.

Brain toxicity

The decay products of ethanol worsen the work of all organs. The highest concentration of toxins is observed in brain cells. That is why a person suffering from a hangover, there are headaches, coordination of movements may be disturbed, weakness, shaking hands.

Frequent hangover can cause heart disease.
Sensitivity of the nervous system

Ethanol and decomposition products have a negative effect on nerve tissue, as a result of which the nerve endings become overly sensitive. Therefore, even ordinary sounds or light can cause an increase in headache.

What is dangerous hangover

Thick blood moves much worse through the vessels. To ensure normal blood flow, the heart has to work in a heightened mode. Excessive loads can trigger the development of cardiovascular pathologies. Sometimes a hangover leads to a heart attack.

Another serious complication that can develop amid alcohol poisoning is stroke. Thick blood circulating through the vessels causes their forced expansion. And if the walls had time to lose elasticity, then the vessel may well burst or clogged with a blood clot.

How to survive a hangover: effective methods
To minimize the discomfort that arises the next morning after a stormy feast, you must remember what to do with a hangover. Help will bring the following activities.

What to do with a hangover
Detoxification process

Begin the fight against hangover from the process of cleansing the body of toxic compounds and alcohol residues. This can be achieved through the following activities:

Reception of sorbents. Such drugs, like a sponge, absorb various poisons, toxins and remove them from the body in a natural way. The simplest, but at the same time effective sorbent is activated carbon. More powerful action provide enterosgel, smekta.
Gastric lavage. This procedure will benefit only if the ingestion of food and alcohol occurred recently (3-4 hours ago). In this case, it is recommended to drink about 1 liter of water and provoke vomiting.
Cleansing enema. If more than 4 hours have passed since alcohol intake, then instead of washing the stomach, it is recommended to clean the intestines.
After taking the sorbents, it is necessary to clean the intestines in 2-3 hours. If the process of defecation does not occur, then drugs that have absorbed toxins, will begin to poison the body.
Symptom control

Cleansing the body allows you to eliminate toxins and reduce body toxicity. But such a process does not relieve a painful headache or debilitating vomiting.

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