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Scoliosis in children
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How to reduce the harm from smoking

The fact that smoking is harmful, is known to all. Nevertheless, many smokers, especially with great experience, are not able to quit this addiction (or rather, get rid of dependence). And someone just does not want to part with a cigarette. In this case, you should at least try to reduce the harm that our health does to smoking. Here are some tips for smokers.

Smoke less
It would seem that something simpler: you smoke a pack a day – go to half a pack. In fact, it is not so easy. Sometimes the hand reaches for a cigarette automatically. This is where you need to stop and understand: do you really want to smoke or is it just a kind of ritual. For example, he left the house – a cigarette in his mouth, although there is no sharp desire to inhale tobacco smoke. So, this particular cigarette can be easily abandoned. So you can revise all your habits associated with smoking. And for sure it will turn out to reduce to half its daily “rate”.

Do not smoke a cigarette to the end
Also an option to smoke less. Of course, this is wasteful, but health is more expensive. Therefore, do not burn your fingers, dokurivaya to the filter. Leave half or even one third and discard the cigarette butt. Not only that, you less swallow nicotine, carcinogens and other nastiness. After all, the closer to the filter, the hotter, and therefore more harmful smoke and more toxic substances in it.

As a rule, only two-thirds smoke a cigarette
Do not re-ignite an extinct cigarette
If the cigarette goes out or burns badly, throw it away. Otherwise, you will get a third more carbon monoxide, or carbon monoxide, – one of the most harmful components of tobacco smoke.

Stop smoking on an empty stomach and during meals
Especially harmful morning cigarette, smoked before breakfast, but also on an empty stomach, smoking is also not worth it. In this case, all the dangerous products of burning tobacco immediately enter the bloodstream. The same thing happens when we smoke while eating. Studies have shown that when smoking on an empty stomach, the risk of getting cancer is 1.5–2 times higher.

Drink more water
Water removes toxins from the body, flushes the kidneys. Nicotine, diluted with water, is less dangerous for the bladder. But here we also need a measure. Too much fluid can cause kidney problems.

Do not mix alcohol with a cigarette
As a rule, I want to smoke under alcohol with a vengeance, so it turns out that when a smoker drinks, he actually does not let the cigarette out of his mouth. Not only that, he smokes 2–3 times more than usual. A mixture of “nicotine – alcohol” in itself enhances the harmful effects of alcohol and cigarettes not even two, but three times. Alcohol promotes the expansion of blood vessels, acts on the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, increasing its susceptibility. Therefore, the harmful products of burning tobacco: tar, nicotine – are “absorbed” by the body quickly and easily, poisoning it.

Alcohol and cigarettes – a mixture of tobacco and ethanol
Give up cigarettes after exercise
Never smoke immediately after hard physical work, playing sports, jogging or climbing stairs. At this time, the blood flow increases, and nicotine narrows blood vessels. Such a load may be beyond the power of the heart and vessels.

For the same reason, in order not to overload the cardiovascular system, you should not be zealous in the gym or try to set a record in running.

Walk more often
During walks in the fresh air, gas exchange is enhanced, the lungs are ventilated and poisons are rapidly eliminated from the body.

Eat foods rich in vitamin C
Everyone knows about the benefits of vitamin C for the body. But the fact that a smoker needs 2 times more than a non-smoker is not widely known. Vitamin C removes from the body the toxic products of burning tobacco, reduces the harmful effects of tobacco smoke, so the smoker consumes more of it. In addition, nicotine destroys this vital vitamin. To compensate for the deficiency of vitamin C, it is necessary to consume as much as possible of products rich in them.

Orange is a very powerful weapon against nicotine.
Do not smoke menthol cigarettes
It has been found that cigarettes with menthol increase the susceptibility of the tissues of the lungs and gastrointestinal tract to nicotine and toxins contained in tobacco smoke. As a result, those who prefer menthol cigarettes, the likelihood of cancer and lung disease increases several times.

Smoking outside
Smoking on the air reduces the harm from cigarettes, the lungs get more oxygen. In addition, clothing and hair on the street less soaked with tobacco smoke. But there is one “but”: you can not smoke in the cold – cold air in combination with tobacco smoke can cause significant damage to the respiratory tract.

Switch to electronic cigarettes
It cannot be said that electronic cigarettes (vap) are absolutely harmless. And yet, if we compare the harm caused by them and ordinary cigarettes, the bill will not be in favor of the latter. Yes, while smoking vaps, toxic substances are also formed, but they are much smaller. In addition, the vapor from the electronic cigarette entering the lungs has a temperature of 50 degrees.

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