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Caution – ice: how to help a person who fell through the ice

Winter brings a lot of fun. Sledding or ice skating, playing snowballs, making snowmen. And, of course, hiking on skis, winter fishing. However, not all of this entertainment is safe. Moving on thin ice can lead to serious consequences. What you need to know to not be in a terrible situation? How to escape if you still fell through the ice? And how to help a drowning person?

8 rules that protect against “failure”
Having decided to go skating or fishing, do not rush to go on the ice. Initially, you need to test it for strength. Do not forget that the ice can be fraught with serious danger.

To protect yourself from diving into ice water, follow the recommendations.

Ice color score
If the ice is clear and has a bluish or green tint, then you can safely step on it. As a rule, this surface is strong. Its thickness is about 7 cm. Milky white, dull ice is much weaker and thinner. Such a surface can easily break through, even without a cod warning.

Time of year
It is possible to go out on the ice only in the middle of winter, when the air temperature did not rise above –5 ° С during the week. But if the calendar is aggressively reporting on the approach of March and the spring thaw, then you should not tempt fate. It is better to postpone unsafe entertainment.

Hazardous area bypass
Avoid areas covered with snow. Below it is rather thin ice. He can easily break through. Try to avoid places where springs are beating, there is a fast current, reeds grow, snags stick out. Do not step on the ice near the sewers.

Test of strength
Before stepping on the ice, take a log or a long stick and hit it on the surface. Do not check the strength of the ice foot. It’s not safe.

Use trodden trails
It is better to choose already trodden paths. In this case, the probability of being under the ice is minimal.

Safety rope
If the transition on ice is made by a group, then it is necessary to go one after the other, keeping a distance of 5-6 meters. It is advisable for all people to hold on to one rope. So much easier to assist the failed under the ice.

Rope can help in saving
If behind a backpack, then carry it on one strap. This will allow you to quickly dump it and not be held hostage to a heavy load pulling on the bottom.

Sharp “helpers”
When you go out on the ice, always try to have a penknife or two large nails on hand. Such simple devices will help you to get out of the hole, if the ice breaks. With the help of a knife or nails, you can fix the position of the body, not allowing water to drag you away.

If at some point the ice begins to treacherously pop underfoot, do not run on the surface and do not jump, trying to leave the danger zone. This will lead to a quick ice break. To get out of an unpleasant situation, you need to slowly sink to the surface and lie on the ice. Now start crawling out of the danger zone. You can simply roll to a safe place.

What to do if he himself fell through the ice
Unfortunately, even full compliance with the above rules, can not always protect against swimming in ice water. If at this moment no one was there, then rely on yourself. Correct and accurate actions will help get out of this difficult situation.

The self-rescue algorithm looks like this.

Calm down!
This is the most important recommendation. As soon as a person falls into the icy water, he experiences a cold shock. Instantly quickens breathing. Increases panic. To cope with it, the body loses a lot of energy. In addition, valuable time is running out. Therefore, it is important to cope with panic as soon as possible. And do not let your head go under water.

Get rid of extra shipping
As soon as the ice begins to break under your feet, you must immediately throw off a heavy backpack. Get rid of the bags. If you have heavy objects in your pockets, ruthlessly throw them away.

Do not panic if you fall through the ice
Dry clothing has good buoyancy. It gives a chance to hold out longer on the water. So you will have time to wait for help.

Swim to the edge of the ice
Lie on the water belly. Move your legs, trying to swim. Actively help hands. It is necessary to get to the edge of the ice as quickly as possible. Need to swim in the direction from which you came. After all, what kind of ice ahead is unknown, so it is better to go back.

Start getting out of the water
Continuing to jerk in the water with your feet, lean on (but very carefully, so as not to provoke a spall) on the edge of the ice. Gradually try to bring the torso to the surface. Actively help yourself with your feet.

If a person who fell through the ice has sharp objects in his pocket, then his actions should be as follows. Cling the nails or the knife to the ice. Holding such clamps firmly, pull the body towards them. If you have two nails, then you can “step over” them, clinging farther and farther each time.

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