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How to do injections?

There are situations when it is necessary to give an injection to your loved ones or yourself. Therefore, to know how this is done, it is desirable for everyone.

Intramuscular administration of the drug is most common, and it is easy to master the intramuscular injection. The main thing is to overcome your fear and to strictly observe the technique of the procedure.

In some cases, it is required to inject the medication subcutaneously. This can also be learned. But intravenous injections without the appropriate education and training should not be done – it is better to contact a specialist.

When performing any injection, you must follow the basic rules of antiseptics. Be sure to wash your hands with soap, preferably antibacterial.

Prepare everything you need for the injection: a vial of medicine, a disposable syringe, cotton swabs, 70% alcohol. All this should be at hand.

Check the name of the drug.

Take the syringe out of the package and put the needle on it, taking it by the edge. Set the syringe aside by putting the cap on the needle.

Syringe and vials for injection
Wipe the vial with alcohol and open it. Now used ampoules that can be opened by hand, not filing them. They are marked with a dot. Holding the ampoule in one hand, the other sharply break the tip in the direction away from you, having previously wrapped it with a cotton swab with alcohol. The place of breakage on the ampoule is marked by a thin line (not by a dot – it only indicates that the ampule opens without a tool). If a file is attached to the preparation, you must first carefully cut the end of the ampoule, and then break it off, also in the direction away from you.

Type a preparation in the syringe so that the needle does not touch the ampoule.

Now you need to remove the air trapped in the syringe. This is done like this: lift it up, pointing the needle up, and push down on the plunger until a small stream of medication appears.

Technique of intramuscular injection
The best place for this injection is the buttock: the muscle here is thick, the nerve endings in it are few and the injection is less painful. It is advisable to choose a thin and long needle.

It is easier to give an injection when a person is lying – it is easier for him to relax.

Mentally draw in the middle of the buttocks mutually perpendicular lines to make four areas. The injection is always placed in the outer upper area.

Wipe the injection area with an alcohol swab.

Introduce the needle vertically (90 degrees) and quickly. It should go deep enough – at least two thirds of the length. And the medicine should be administered as slowly as possible, especially drugs in oil.

Then quickly remove the needle, having previously clamped the injection site with an alcohol swab.

It is desirable to grind the injection area so as not to form nodules. You can also draw on the area of ​​the injection iodine mesh.

If a course of injections is carried out, then the buttocks should be alternated.

How to do injections
Subcutaneous injection technique
Subcutaneous injections are made in the shoulder, under the scapula, in the outer part of the thigh, in the stomach.

Wipe the injection area with alcohol: first a large area, then a second swab – directly the place where the injection will be. Let the alcohol evaporate.

Grab the skin with your fingers – index and large: a fold should have formed, pull it up.

Put an injection into its base, the needle is inserted about two-thirds of the length, and its cut is at the top. The angle of introduction is 45 degrees.

The drug must be administered slowly.

Then press the alcohol swab against the injection site and quickly remove the needle.

After that, hold the swab with alcohol for about 5 minutes.

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