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What operations should not be done in the summer

In the summer, as a rule, many take a vacation. Someone goes to rest on the resort, someone prefers the summer cottage, some are going to make repairs at home. Well, there are people who decide to take care of their health in the summer and, for example, to finally do the necessary operation.

Is this solution correct? Should I plan a serious treatment for the summer?

Serious surgery
Summer is not the best time for serious operations, especially those involving large cuts and stitches. Of course, in the summer surgical treatment is not contraindicated. And if an emergency situation has arisen, such as an acute appendicitis, then an operation is necessary. But as for the planned treatment, it is better to postpone it in the fall.

The fact is that in summer, in hot weather, the risk of infection penetrating into the surgical wound increases significantly. Microbes feel great at high temperatures and actively multiply in the seams. Yes, here they also get a nutrient medium – a large amount of sweat. And even if the summer was cool (and this is not uncommon in our latitudes), it is not a fact that in the postoperative period 30-degree heat does not break out.

In addition, the heat in general is not easy to endure, even for a healthy person, and a weakened after the operation will be very difficult. Accordingly, the wound will heal for a long time, and recovery will go slowly.

It is especially dangerous to plan operations for the summer for people suffering from cardiovascular pathologies. They have a real threat of heart failure, a sharp increase in pressure.

All this is confirmed by statistics: scientists from the United States found that complications associated with infection of the surgical wound occur one third more often in the summer than in the winter.

Skin surgery
It is not recommended in the summer to carry out skin surgery, especially in open areas of the body – to remove spider veins, moles, papillomas or other neoplasms. This also includes the surgical treatment of varicose veins – phlebectomy, hardening, laser coagulation.

True, there are times when it is risky to pull with an operation:

The reason is the same – in the heat, there is a higher risk of infection and suppuration of the wound. In addition, ultraviolet rays falling on the skin at the site of intervention can cause increased pigmentation. As a result, an ugly dark spot will appear at the place of the remote mole.

the birthmark has grown dramatically, has changed color, shape, structure;
the mole is painful;
the mole is damaged and does not heal.
With these symptoms, an urgent need to go to the doctor and, if he recommends, to agree to the operation, despite the heat.

Plastic surgery
Of course, plastic can be done in the summer, but then you have to spend all warm days locked up, hiding from the sun. After all, what plastic surgeries do most often? Facelift, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), breast augmentation. All these parts of the body in summer are exposed to solar radiation, and after the operation this cannot be allowed, otherwise complications may develop. That will have the entire rehabilitation period (and it can last several months) to sit at home.

Yes, and the risk of infection in the summer, as already mentioned, increases, therefore, other procedures of aesthetic surgery, such as liposuction of the abdomen, are undesirable during this period.

Beauticians warn that in the summer, many procedures are undesirable, or even just dangerous.
Such seemingly simple manipulations, such as facial cleansing (mechanical, chemical, hardware) and deep peels, in summer can lead to infection and the development of pustules or the appearance of unsightly pigment spots and skin peeling due to the action of the sun. Even at home, peeling should be done as little as possible, and after it to protect the face from the sun’s rays.

Bleaching procedures in the summer are also prohibited because of the risk of sunburn and pigment spots.

Hardware cosmetology (laser resurfacing, hardware lifting, etc.) can damage the skin. Then the subsequent action of the sun can cause unpleasant consequences up to a burn. If you still decide on these manipulations, then for several days after them do not allow the slightest sun hit on the treated skin.

Often in the summer women plan laser and photo epilation. It must be remembered that after these procedures the sun should be avoided for at least two, and preferably three weeks.

Cosmetologists recommend carrying out all active manipulations on the skin to plan so that they will end 2-3 weeks before the onset of heat. And to improve their appearance again to start in the fall.

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What operations should not be done in the summer
In the summer, as a rule, many take a vacation. Someone goes to rest on the resort, someone prefers the summer cottage, some are going to make repairs at home.…