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There are situations when it is necessary to give an injection to your loved ones or yourself. Therefore, to know how this is done, it is desirable for everyone. Intramuscular…

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What helps the joints stay healthy

Joints are an ideal mechanism by which we make any movements: we walk, we get up, we sit down and lie down, we hold objects in our hands, etc. Ill-being with the joints immediately affects all human activities: difficulties with movement, performing routine tasks can make life difficult. Unfortunately, with age, the joints wear out, lose mobility, begin to creak and ache. That is why it is desirable to take care of the health of the joints in advance, without waiting until they cease to perform their functions.

What destroys the joints
Weight lifting The knee joints are the most affected by this, with an additional load. The result – pain in the knees, especially when squatting, climbing stairs.

Weight transfer Here the joints of the hands are most at risk.

Excess weight. It is clear that the more a person weighs, the greater the burden on his joints and they wear out faster.

Run. Yes, the same run that should keep us healthy. For heart muscle, jogging is probably useful, but as far as joints are concerned, everything is not so straightforward. When running, the weight of a person’s body is alternately transmitted to one and the other foot. And it is the weight from the point of view of physics, that is, the mass multiplied by the acceleration. The load at the same time falls on the joints of the legs and the spine, which quench the shock wave.

Jumping They are included in many sets of exercises, but in fact for the joints of the legs, spinal jumps are quite dangerous because of the shock load and sudden movements.

Improper nutrition. This is fatty meat, fried foods, sweets, pastries, soda. Care should be taken products:

phosphate-rich: white bread, processed cheese, condensed milk, sausage, alcoholic beverages;
containing oxalic acid (sorrel, rhubarb, radish);
rich in purines: black tea, cocoa, natural coffee.
Sedentary lifestyle. The fact is that the joint fluid, which provides lubrication and nutrition to the joint, is produced only during physical activity. Therefore, without movement, the joint will simply begin to collapse.


How to keep your joints healthy
Get rid of excess weight. With this you will not only help your joints, but also prevent the development of many serious diseases: hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, diabetes and many others.

Move, move and move again. Physical activity will get rid of extra pounds and prolong the youthful joints. Only for classes you need to choose those exercises that do not overload the joints. To do this, you can consult with a doctor exercise therapy or a trainer in a fitness center.

For weight loss do not use jogging. Find other sports to burn calories, such as swimming. And the best thing to do is on an ellipsoid, as when training on this simulator, the load on the joints of the legs and the spine is eliminated.

Lift and carry gravity correctly. To lift a heavy object, do not bend down, but sit down, press it to your chest and rise with your back straight. If you need to carry something heavy, if possible, distribute the load into two parts and carry it in both hands. For travel use bags and suitcases on wheels.

Eat foods rich in calcium. These are milk and dairy products, hard varieties of cheese, cabbage. And the most calcium is found in sesame seeds.

Milk is a source of calcium.
Include in the diet products with mucopolysaccharides. These are complex substances that are similar to the intraarticular fluid. They are found in bones, cartilage, meat and fish tendons, gelatin. Therefore, rich joints, fish-fish ears, jelly, jellies and kissels, as well as sea kale, seafood, aspic fish will be useful for the joints.

Eat apples. They contain collagen – the main component of cartilage, as well as quartzetin – a natural compound involved in the production of collagen. It is advisable to eat apples with peel.

Do I need to take chondroprotectors
If the joints are already worn out and started to bother, then doctors recommend the use of chondroprotectors – drugs that slow down the destruction of cartilage tissue and contribute to its restoration. They usually contain glucosamine and chondroitin, isolated from the cartilage of fish and animals. But we must understand that, firstly, these drugs are effective only at the initial stage of joint destruction, secondly, they should be applied in courses and for a long time, within a year – one and a half years, and, thirdly, in order for the treatment to work, you should get rid from overweight, eliminate overloading the joints and engage in special exercises for the joints.

Before taking these drugs you need to consult a specialist, as they have their own contraindications and side effects.

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