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Consequences, problems and complications after breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is probably one of the most common in aesthetic surgery. The desire to be beautiful, attractive, confident, like a loved one – these are the reasons why women turn to a plastic surgeon. However, deciding on such a step, it should be understood that breast augmentation is an operation, and after it various complications are quite possible. Still, implants are a foreign element for the organism, and it is not known how it will react to them. In addition, surgeons, even the most experienced, may well make a mistake.

Consider the most typical possible complications of mammoplasty.

Implant rupture
This can happen as a result of a blow, injury, or if the implant is of poor quality, with a thin membrane that can break through.

A silicone implant filled with gel does not immediately lose its shape. The gel will simply flow a little, and sometimes you can notice damage only after a few months.

Saline solution flows out of the salt implant immediately after the injury, and the breast drops within one day, taking its original shape.

In these cases, the implant has to be replaced. In addition, leaked gel or solution causes inflammation in the gland tissues, which has to be treated.
Implant displacement
The implant can move in any direction either immediately after the operation, or after some time. This happens due to improper installation of the implant, which does not take into account the individual anatomical structure of the mammary glands, too large an implant, the formation of a fibrous membrane.

When the implant is displaced, it is necessary to perform a second operation.

Double fold
When the implant moves downward, an additional fold forms on the breast, it looks like a bulge, a step above the lower line of the gland. This is a low implant.

The reasons may be an error during the installation or a too large implant.

This complication is eliminated by installing a new implant.

This complication is too close to the location of the implants, so that the breast is almost merged – there is no gap between the glands, and sometimes the breast looks like a single whole.

It looks like simmasty
This can happen if the mammary glands were initially located close to each other or if the implants were too large.

Capsular contracture
This complication is the formation of a sheath of dense and fibrous fibrous tissue around the breast implant. It squeezes the implant, deforms it. The mammary gland becomes hard, cold. Over time, the shell may thicken due to salt deposits and even cause pain.

The formation of such a shell (capsule) is a protective reaction of the body to a foreign body. Such a reaction is purely individual, and it is impossible to predict whether it will arise or not.

If the capsule is thick enough, an operation is required: the implant is replaced and the fibrous tissue is removed.

Sometimes, as an individual body reaction to a foreign body, calcium salts are deposited around the implant in the form of hard lumps under the skin. At the big sizes they can be noticeable. In this case, you have to do a new operation, removing the seal and replacing the implant.
Very rarely, such a complication occurs as an allergic reaction to the material of the implant. It is manifested by redness and swelling of the glands, the appearance of itching, rash. If the problem cannot be managed with the use of antihistamines, it is necessary to remove implants or replace them with new ones made from another material.

These are the main specific problems that a woman who has performed a breast augmentation surgery can face. But there are also general complications, and they are possible with any operation:

wound infection and the development of the inflammatory process;
hematoma – blood accumulated at the rupture of blood vessels between the implant and the gland;
scar formation;
disorder of nipple sensitivity – its decrease or complete absence, and soreness when touched is possible.
If you are going to enlarge your breasts, you must clearly understand that no one is immune from operational complications. However, you can reduce the risk of negative consequences by carefully choosing the clinic and the doctor who will conduct the operation.

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