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Modern aesthetic surgery: genital plastics

This direction of aesthetic surgery appeared relatively recently: the first modern operation of this kind – the restoration of the hymen – was carried out in 1962 in Italy: the surgeon Bernullo made her his daughter. In recent years, the plastic of the genitals, or intimate plastic, is gaining increasing popularity.

Why do you need intimate plastic?
Today, more and more people are paying attention to their appearance, wanting to correct defects and achieve perfection of the face and figure. And intimate zones are no exception. Plastics of the genital organs are designed to correct the aesthetic shortcomings that we have received from nature. For example, some girls labia are too large, or, conversely, small, or they have an irregular shape. For life, including sexual, such a defect is insignificant, but it can lead to the emergence of complexes, a sense of self-doubt.

Often, the plasticity of the genital organs not only pursues aesthetic goals, but also makes it possible to achieve harmonious and vivid sensations in sex life. So, after childbirth in a woman, the vaginal muscles can stretch, it increases and loses sensitivity. As a result, sex does not bring satisfaction. A rough scar, remaining on the perineum after episiotomy or tears, can make sexual intercourse painful.

With age, not only the skin of the face and body ages, it becomes flabby and the skin of the labia, the vaginal tone decreases, it becomes dry. Intimate plastic also copes with these problems.

Plastics of the genitals includes several areas.

Vaginoplasty – plastic vagina
This operation provides the opportunity for a woman to live a full sex life. Its essence lies in tightening the stretched vaginal muscles and removing part of the mucous membrane on the back wall of the vagina. This is if the muscles after birth did not return to normal tone. If, on the contrary, the tissues of the vagina are so tightened that it becomes difficult to insert the penis, the surgeon will excise the tissue, expanding the entrance of the vagina. To the same direction is the excision of postpartum scars.

Vaginoplasty is performed under epidural anesthesia and takes up to one and a half hours.

Labioplasty – plastic of the genital lips
To labioplasty appeal when too large or small labia or genital lips ugly shape. If the labia majora are too large, the surgeon will excise excess fatty tissue, otherwise fatty tissue is injected into this area, which increases the volume of the lips. The operation on the labia minora is to cut off excess tissue and simulate their aesthetic form. Labioplasty is performed under local anesthesia, the procedure lasts an average of 40 minutes.

Plastic clitoris
This operation is carried out with the aim of changing the size of the clitoris or freeing it from the hood – skin fold.

If the clitoris is very large, then sexual intercourse becomes difficult. In this case, it is reduced.

Too much skin fold can completely close the clitoris, which affects the receipt of an orgasm. During the operation, the “hood” of the clitoris is truncated, it is exposed, which allows a woman to experience a strong and bright clit orgasm.

The operation is performed under local or general anesthesia. It lasts about one hour.
Hymenoplasty – restoration of the hymen
Sometimes there is a situation when a woman wants to return virginity. Help in this can Hymenoplasty. This procedure can be performed in two ways. The first is that the edges of the hymen sew. But with such an operation, the result is short-lived — the virgin membrane remains for 7–10 days. For the effect to remain for a long time, you need to do another operation: to restore the hymen with its own tissues taken from the entrance to the vagina.

Surgical defloration
This procedure is opposite to that described above and consists in the artificial rupture of the hymen. Such a procedure may be necessary:

if while trying to lose her virginity during intercourse, the girl is in pain;
the girl is afraid of the first sexual intercourse;
the hymen is very durable;
the hymen is too elastic;
there is a complete overgrowing of the hymen. In the pleve, there are normally several holes for blood to flow during menstruation. When they are not there, the blood stagnates in the vagina and causes inflammation;
she is afraid to face the mockery of others – today being a virgin after 18–20 years is considered almost shameful. In addition, after 20 the hymen is compacted and natural defloration is more difficult.
Surgical defloration is performed on an outpatient basis, often under local anesthesia and takes no more than 15 minutes.
Intimate plastic for men
Not only women, but also men resort to intimate plastic. Most often, they ask to increase the length and thickness of the penis, to remove the curvature of the penis and to eliminate defects and scars on the foreskin.

Plasticity of the genital organs was perceived by many as perversion. But today the attitude to this area of ​​aesthetic surgery is changing.

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