What is the difference between generic drugs and original drugs?
Surely you are faced with the fact that the medicine of the same action, with the same active substance is different, and the price may vary significantly. Pharmacies explain that…

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Alcoholic poisoning of moderate severity can be treated at home on their own, with a more severe degree of alcohol intoxication, the patient needs medical assistance and hospital treatment. Here…

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Fans of pulling in cigarettes know how harmful smoking is. They regularly see this when they look at themselves in the mirror. Dry skin, yellowish teeth, brittle hair do not…

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Correction of ingrown nail

An ingrown nail, or scientifically oniocryptosis, is the ingrown of the nail plate into the lateral edge of the nail shaft. Most often, the nail of the big toe grows into the outer edge of the roller. As a result, the nail roller swells, inflames, and there is severe pain. Very often this process becomes chronic.

Causes of ingrown toenail
Growing nails in the finger may be due to several reasons:

In the overwhelming majority of cases, this is an incorrect pedicure, when, when cutting a nail, its corner is rounded off or a sharp edge is left, burrs or nail are cut very shortly.
In second place – the wrong shoes: smaller, stinging, too narrow shoes, shoes with a flat sole. If the shoe constantly presses on the nail, its growth direction changes. In addition, it contributes to this pathology and a constant load on the legs.
Flat feet, valgus of the foot cause the pressure of the second finger on the thumb, as a result of the foot deforms and the thumb is bent.
Nail fungus is another cause of an ingrown nail. When a fungus nail thickens, deforms and grows into the nail cushion.
Pregnancy can also contribute to the ingrowth of the nail, often this happens in late periods or shortly after giving birth.
Skin diseases that contribute to the deformation of the nails – warts, psoriasis, versicolor, etc.
Diseases in which the nutrition of the nail is broken: diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, endocrine disorders.
Signs of ingrown nail
This is primarily a pain in the place of ingrowth of the nail, which increases with walking. Constant injury to the nail tissue leads to the appearance of sores. Okolonogtevogo roller red, swollen. When an infection joins, throbbing pain arises and pus is released. At the site of damage, the tissue expands, acquiring the color of raw meat.

With a long course of the disease, irreversible changes occur in the nail plate – it is deformed, thickened and shortened.

Where to go for ingrown nails
The problem of an ingrown nail should be addressed either to a surgeon or to a podolog – a specialist in diseases of the feet. If a nail fungus is suspected, you should visit a dermatologist and receive treatment for the fungus.

If there are complications, radiography of the foot is performed to determine if the purulent process has affected the bone, and to exclude (or confirm) osteophyte (bone growth on the finger), as it is similar in symptoms to an ingrown nail.
Correction of ingrown nail
It can only help in the initial stage.

Disinfecting warm baths with solutions of baking soda, furatsilina, potassium permanganate, sea salt (alternately) do 2-4 times a day until the signs of an ingrown nail disappear. After the bath is inserted under the edge of the ingrown nail cotton, lifting it. When the tissues are softened, gently remove the nail and treat the affected area with iodine solution.

Very hot baths (almost boiling water): several times (20-30 times in 10-20 minutes) put the affected finger in hot water for 1-2 seconds. Repeat until the disappearance of inflammation and pain.

Saw a file on a horny layer of a sick nail of a vertical groove. It will tighten, and the edge of the nail – to rise.

A piece of a sterile bandage with an antiseptic (chlorhexidine) is laid between the nail and the roller, wetting it as it dries. Every day, the bandage is advanced, gradually releasing the nail.

Conservative correction of ingrown nail
It is carried out with the help of special devices attached to the nail: springs, brackets, plates, which raise the ingrown nail and gradually unbend the deformed nail plate. These devices are very small, they are almost invisible and do not interfere with wearing shoes.

Use special ointments and balms that soften the nail, relieve inflammation and pain and facilitate cutting of the nail.

And of course, during treatment (and preferably in the future) you should wear loose shoes that do not squeeze your fingers and trim your nails correctly: in a straight line, with scissors with straight blades, not too short – on the top of your finger. If sharp edges remain, they need to be filed in the corners in order not to irritate the skin.
Laser correction for ingrown nail
When using a laser, the ingrown part of the nail and the edge of the germ zone evaporate. At the same time, inflammation is also destroyed. After laser correction, the inner edge of the nail plate does not grow, so cases of re-ingrowth of the nail are quite rare. If the ingrown nail is caused by a fungus, then the laser also destroys the fungal spores on the subungual surface.

Correction of ingrown nail
Exposure to radio waves removes the ingrown part of the nail and process the germ zone. After the procedure, the suture does not remain, the probability of recurrence and complications is minimal.

Surgical correction of ingrown nail
Depending on the complexity of the disease, either a part of the nail or nail roll is removed, or the nail is completely removed. The latter usually occurs with suppuration and severe deformity of the nail. New nail grows in 3 months.

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What is the difference between generic drugs and original drugs?
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