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Vascular Genesis

Vascular genesis is not a disease in itself, but an indication of its origin, that is, diseases of vascular genesis are diseases caused by impaired blood circulation in various vessels – veins, arteries, venules, etc.

Diseases of vascular origin are very diverse. They include several groups.

Transitory circulatory disorders of the brain – they can be focal and cerebral. The former are characterized by short-term disturbances of sensitivity in certain parts of the body, motor functions. The latter are manifested by headaches, vomiting and nausea. But they are all reversible, that is, after treatment, such violations pass away without a trace.
Blockage of arteries – leads to a deterioration of blood flow, and consequently, nutrition, to the brain.
Hemorrhage in the brain, rupture of aneurysm of the brain – is a stroke.
Manifestations of diseases of vascular genesis
They can be very different. Common signs of impaired blood circulation include:

headaches and dizziness;
constant or occasional increase in blood pressure to values ​​above 140 mm Hg. Art., if it is not caused by any other reasons;
arrhythmia – change in heart rate (pulse) at rest – from 60 to 90 beats per minute;
fatigue, decreased attention and concentration, memory impairment, mental performance;
unreasonable weakness in the legs and arms.

Headaches in diseases of vascular genesis occur very often, and their nature depending on the particular disease may be different.

So, with spasm of the craniocerebral arteries, their stretching with a large volume of blood, a pulsating headache occurs, accompanied by tingling in the ears. In violation of the permeability of the artery walls, the headache becomes dull, arching, it is accompanied by “black flies” before the eyes, nausea, vomiting.

If the venous outflow is disturbed, there is a headache of a arching nature, often localized in the nape. Often this pain begins in the morning. In the sitting position with the head lowered or the patient lying down, the venous outflow is difficult, and therefore insomnia often occurs in disorders of the venous circulation. As a rule, sleep is superficial, short – 3-4 hours, after it there is a weakness, fatigue, heavy head.

A characteristic symptom of circulatory disorders of the brain – mental disorders. They manifest a strong sensitivity to light, even dim, sound, tearfulness, irritability, scattered attention. In this case, the patient understands that he is in a painful state.

Cognitive functions are violated: it is difficult for a person to remember new events, he is not well oriented in time – he can not always remember when (one day or another) this or that event occurred. The patient has difficulty finding small objects, which is associated with their non-perception in sight.

Further development of the disease of vascular genesis leads to personality changes, sharpening the main character traits. At the same time, suspiciousness, anxiety, self-doubt, negative perception of others appear.

All these manifestations, unlike the true mental disorders, are treated quite successfully with the help of medicines.
Treatment of diseases of vascular genesis
Treatment of disorders of vascular genesis is reduced to the elimination of atherosclerosis and hypertension. It includes food, mode, medication, in severe cases – surgery.

Nutrition plays an important role in eliminating vascular disorders, since they are often associated with impaired fat metabolism. In order to normalize the metabolism of fats, it is necessary to have a healthy diet and often take appropriate medications.

With small violations should provide the patient a calm atmosphere, eliminate stress. In case of significant malfunction of the cerebral vessels, the patient should observe bed rest until the neuralgic manifestations disappear – dizziness, nausea.

Conducted medical treatment. The choice of drugs depends on the nature of the violation and the location of the injury. The operation is carried out with strong atherosclerosis.

Diseases of vascular genesis are very common, but with the treatment started on time it is quite possible, if not to completely get rid of this pathology, then at least much to reduce its manifestations.

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