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Indium Questionnaire

1. How long have you been taking indium? 1.
2. Have you decided to try indium because of a specific health problem/condition? 2.
3. If so, please descibe. 3.
4. Is indium helping in this particular problem/condition? 4.
5. Did you experience any measurable and objective changes/improvements since taking indium - like medical exam results, blood tests, drop in blood pressure, weight loss/gain? List all. 5.
6. Can the benefits you experienced be possibly attributed to other changes in your lifestyle (supplements, diet, therapy, illness, vacations)? 6.
7. Check from the list below what you experienced.
Increased energy
Decreased need for sleep
Weight loss
Improvements in dry skin condition
Better gums, more saliva, fresher mouth
8. Did you experience any undesirable side effects?
If so, please describe.
9. Have you ever overdosed on indium intake?
If yes, describe the results.
10. Can you list any contraindications or reasons for not taking indium?
Any disappointments (didn't produce all the advertised results)?

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