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E.B. is a retired 67 year-old who hails from Washington State. He has used indium for four months. E.B. writes:
I have been taking Indium for over four months, having learned of it from a friend. The sense of well being was the first thing I noticed. It took place within three days of taking the indium daily and has remained with me.

I'd been having trouble with consistent weight gain and I lost 8-9 pounds and found that the weight has stabilized. I'm more energetic, getting lots of tasks done around the house, even doing a marble tiling job, something I'd never tackled before. When on a trip recently, I ran out and couldn't take it for almost two weeks. I noticed a drop off in energy almost immediately which returned within two days of getting back on it.

This is one of those rare products which delivers what it promises and I'd highly recommend it, especially to those over 50 years of age. And, best of all, it seems to enhance other things I'm taking, and doesn't interfere with anything else!

E.B. recently sent us an update by email:
Since using indium, my hair color has gotten noticeably darker, back from silver grey. At first I thought it was just something my wife was commenting on to make me feel good. Then I began noticing it myself. Most interesting.[....]

One of the things I've noticed since beginning the indium use is that the dark circles under my eyes, which I've had for over 45 years, are definitely disappearing. Adds to a more youthful appearance, too. Wheeeee! LOL[....]

Hi, Przemek:
What do you know about indium and alcohol? Since taking the indium, both I and my wife have lost all interest in drinking either wine or spirits. I occasionally will have a beer with a spicy meal, but more often than not I will dump the last third of it.

J.L. is a 51 year-old artist, also from Washington. She had used indium for four months when she sent us this note:
I have been taking Indium for approximately 4 months now and am thrilled with the results. It is the only product that I have ever taken that delivers exactly what was observed in others. The following are the benefits thus far experienced:
  • Within a few days I was more alert in the mornings. Where I used to take about 1/2 hour to wake up.. I now awaken quite alert and feeling clear headed.
  • My skin tone has improved and it is less dry.
  • BIG difference in energy level. Within the last month I have started to bike and swim almost daily,, I feel more alive than I have in a very long time.
  • I have an increasing sense of well being..just feeling better daily..upbeat outlook..sense of humor re-emerging.
  • Some initial weight loss..but more importantly now, the energy, and desire to exercise which has obviously contributed to weight loss.
  • Little to no cramping before or during menstruation..less tired the few days before..less moody/emotional before.

This is a most awesome product and I highly recommend it to EVERYONE!!

Richard Boyd, Ph.D., writes to us from California:
I am a Clinical Psychologist and 81 years old. I have been using indium now for about a month. The results are remarkable: Energy available is increased. Strength in my exercise program, such that I have increased 9 more pounds in each hand, and treadmill jogging much easier. Hair thicker and darker. Vision sharper. Mood optimistic and calm. Blood pressure in normal range, from elevated. I recommend indium for anyone who wants to look, feel and perform better.

T.B. is a 55 year-old musician/teacher from Texas who has used indium for 3 months:
I first started taking indium on May 23, and continued taking it until I ran out on August 6, two weeks ago. During the time of taking it, I did not notice immediate results, but rather a gradual increase of energy levels, better overall moods, and slow, modest weight loss. I realized that the improvements were substantial in mid-July, about two months after starting indium.

Now, on August 20, two weeks after running out of indium, I notice that energy levels and mood are low, and I have gained some weight back. Since I was traveling most of July, and very invigorated by the excitement of seeing old friends and experiencing new things, the changes in my condition could be attributed to that. My return home from travels, and running out of indium both happened around the same time, so I don't know if my lower energy levels and mood are from stopping indium, or from coming home to my normal life, which, though wonderful, is not as exciting as the month of travel I experienced in July.

C.J. is a registered nurse from Texas who is 47. She has used indium for 3 months:
I used to barely make it to my bed after 8 hours work at the hospital (I am a registered nurse). Since using indium I have been able to actually stay awake until a normal bedtime.

Even though I did not experience some of the other benefits indium can produce that I was hoping for, like decrease in weight, pain, or desire for cigarettes, the increase in my energy is worth every cent indium costs.

I knew before I finished my first bottle (the free trial sample) that I would buy more even if it cost more. I recently had surgery and couldn't take my morning dose, I could really tell I missed it. Thank you.

From the questionnaire we learned that C.J. also credits indium for improvement of her memory. She noted that the full benefits come only if she takes 4 drops daily while reducing the dose to 3 drops causes decrease in experienced benefits.

R.B. is a 52 year old housewife from New Mexico. Her health problems include CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome), FMS (Fibromyalgia Syndrome) and hypothyroid. She has used indium for 2.5 months and claims that it is helping her with those problems. She reports to sleep deeper and credits indium for her blood pressure dropping down from 130/90 to 112/70. Her only complaint is "Was expecting more energy but so far have NOT".
Indium has been well worth taking. It is slow to work but I am experiencing changes the longer I take it. I am looking forward to deeper and better sleep as I continue and maybe see my weight start dropping. The price is wonderful and much appreciated. Thanks for your help.


P.S. I do believe the spray works better than the drops. I tried the drops some time ago by [a different company]. I took it for 3 months and didn't notice any difference in health.

L.M.M.is a home maker from New Hampshire and 38 year old who suffered from severe cramping during menstrual cycle. She has used indium for 3 months:
Indium has reduced the cramping so that I no longer need ibuprofen for the pain, which I used to take for more than 36 hours @ recommended dose. [...] Although, I have tried numerous natural supplements with no success, indium has made a major difference.

I also noticed stronger finger nails.

W.H. is a 47 year old male from Maryland who works as a Graphics Coordinator. He complained about low energy and neck pain:
Indium has helped in increasing energy level and decreasing the neck pain! Increased libido.

Faith Strang is a 64 year old female from Montana who works as a sales manager for a home based business. She has been using indium for 3 months.
I am very thrilled with the results I've experienced since using indium. The benefits have been very satisfying and rewarding. I don't hesitate to encourage anyone to test it out and see if it can help them also.

We have learned more about how indium helped F.S. from the questionnaire she filled out.
I've been amazed at the loss of the majority of fat layer covering my abdominal area. It has been as if it is just melting away. My energy and stamina has taken a great upswing.
The truely unexpected effect is that for the first time in my life I actually am growing strong, healthy nails. Mine has always been paper-thin. My hair roots are all coming in dark once more as I had become mostly grey 2 yrs ago. My hair had also thinned badly and has now filled in the thin spots with new growth.

C. S. is a 47 year old female from Colorado who works in the Sales department. She has been using indium for 4 months. She experienced increased energy and decreased need for sleep. However, indium did not help in alleviating her hot flashes problem.

Colleen C. Nelson is a 56 year old female from Wisconsin who works as a Human Resource Assistant. She has been using indium for 7 months and she reports the following benefits.
"More energy, nicer skin, weight loss and better gums." Colleen also told us about the following objective and measurable improvements: "A drop in blood pressure and a good report at the dentist."

Mike Fisher is a 39 year old male from California who works as an Electronics Technician. He has been using indium for 5 months. He decided to try indium to address his fatigue problem and reports that indium has helped with this condition.
"I have not been sick since I started taking indium. I used to catch something at least every other month. In the late afternoon I would get very tired - I don't any more. My chronic sore throats are gone! Improved mental condition."

B.T. is a 52 year old male from Oregon who works as a Computer Professional. He has been using indium for 5 months. B.T. has tried indium because of the Erectile Dysfunction and reports that indium most definitely is helping.
"I had been taking Viagra to correct the condition, but it was giving me headaches. Since taking indium, my erectile dysfunction is a thing of the past to the delight of my wife and myself." The positive experiences with indium for B.T. include increased energy, decreased need for sleep, increased libido, no erectile dysfunction, increased sense of well being. "I am most happy with the results of using indium. I highly recommend it to anyone that has a need for it."

L.M.Q. is a 59 year old female from Arizona who works as Biochemist. She has been using indium for about 5 weeks. She read about indium in a flyer and decided to try it for a generally good feeling. Also, she suffered from high blood pressure that required treatment with a drug and out tired feeling most of the time.
"[Indium] is helping with the health problems I have. I have now started my husband, one of my daughters + youngest sister. [I have noticed] drop in blood pressure. I have found it's easier to loose weight and I feel more like doing. my exercises."

B.S. is a 60 year old male from Minnesota who works as an executive. He has been using indium for 3 months. He decided to try indium because of decreased energy and because he was feeling tired and run down.
"Noticed a sense of well being after first week. More energy all day. Teeth whiter, nails harder, pain in ankle gone (had it 2 years). Breath fresher. Have noticed being less hungry for sweets. Have more control over my eating habits and food selection. Very satisfied with results - feel my overall health improved. My body has felt healthier and I have lost 10 pounds. My kinesiologist dr. T.F. checked me out before I started using indium. He said my body showed positive toward the product and to go ahead. My eyesight seems sharper. My right ankle had been giving me pain for two years - that pain has completely vanished".

Billie Miller is a 46 year old female from Nevada who works as a Tattoo Artist. She has been using indium for 6 months. She decided to try indium because of the memory loss and feeling of beeing tired.
"Benefits of taking indium.

I started taking indium because of the information I read in a pamphlet my Aunt gave me, I was very much interested in the claims of memory improvement. My memory was getting so bad I was getting afraid to go to town without someone with me. Since taking indium I go a lot of places alone, my memory has improved noticeably. I had been taking a medication called dyazide to regulate my blood pressure and reduce water retention for the past 16 years. I had been told by several doctors through the years I would never be able to stop taking this medication. One of the side effects of this medication is extreme shortness of breath. About 3 months after taking indium I got the flu and couldn't keep anything down even my dyazide medication. After the flu was gone I decided to try not taking dyazide and have not had to go back on that medication since. I can now ride my bike and hike without gasping for air. I normally required 8 or more hours of sleep a night before taking indium, now I do just fine on 6 hours or less. I have recommended indium to my friends and family my brother has hepatitis C and he says the indium gives him more energy and he feels better. My friends say they feel better for taking the indium also. I'll let them tell you themselves.
I recently ordered the spray bottle and truly prefer the spray application over the drops. Billie Miller".

R,J.G is a 42 year old male from Illinois who works as a Project Manager. He has been using indium for 3 months.
"This works very well. [I needed less sleep. Upon awakening I was instantly alert. Also I was not tired after work]. Upon taking indium I noticed I was more alert than before and needed less sleep. But the true benefit was revealed when I stopped taking it. I've noticed that I'm much more tired lately. The only difference in my life was that I had run out of indium but forgotten to re-order. Never again".

Here we have compiled some messages our customers had sent us.
I have heard from a friend and user that her sugar level has dropped enough that she has been able to lower her dosage of medicine. [...] Thanks. D.D.

[...]I like the indium and have also gotten many family members to take it. It is a product that we all will continue taking. Thank you. C.C.N.

Dear Sirs, Please send to me 3 bottles of Indium [...] Please rush this order to me because I am running out. I tried the sample bottle and I have never felt better in my life. Thank you so much. Thanks. J.K.

For the record, I am 72 years old and I started taking indium about three weeks ago, and the first change I noticed was the skin cancer on my nose. I have been treating it with "Skin Answer" for about two years - with no change. Now just a week ago it disappeared. #2, my memory is getting much sharper. #3, I have no more gritty eyes. #4 my finger nails do not break anymore. Number five, libido improving. #6, my skin isnít flaky anymore. #7 my saliva flow improved. #8 my energy level improved.
I started taking indium to act as a Guinea Pig for my wife. She is talking every pill ever made for her poor health which in turn is weakened her immune system. Today she has taken her first dose of indium. I am watching and waiting and so far she has not bitten off my head (just kidding)
Thanks (signature)

Could you please e mail me some more information about indium? What would be the effect on a 36 years old woman? What are the main benefits and/or side effects when taking the product? I have read a few of your explanation on this site. Could you please provide me with some additional material? A colleague at work is using your product. At fifty-two, she still bounces around like a twenty-four years old hot babe. I would like to share this information with some people who really would be more interested than I am. Thanks.

Dear Sirs, I have been using Indium for 3 months. I recommend it to my friends. It has given me increased energy plus the night sweats I was experiencing have stopped. Thank you for this wonderful product. P.P.

Thank You very much. I have started my daughter, husband, and youngest sister on Indium. It really works. L.M.Q.

I am a 56 year old woman and have used your Indium product for nearly 9 months. As a sufferer of pernicious anemia and other absorbtion difficulties, I have to say that my use of Indium has proved to be nothing less than dramatic. I will fill our your questionaire and return that to you soon.

My question regards my youngest daughter. She is 17 years old, and a profoundly intellegent and gregarious person. It is becoming apparent, however, that she inherited some of my absorbtion difficulties, and despite emphasis on healthy diets (as much as that is possible with a 17 year old), I fear that she is not as healthy as she should be at this age.
Do you know, therefore, or are you aware of any reason why my daughter should not start a moderate regimine of Indium use? I have been hesitant up to this point, but I am starting to see some of the same symptoms in her that I saw in myself.
I will be placing a new order with you soon. Thank you for your response. C.A.