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Velvet Antler
ADR Ceramics
      Shilajit the "Mineral Pitch",          Colostrum,          Ashwagandha    
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What are some benefits of Indium? *

Short-term benefits as reported by many indium users include increased energy, reduced need for sleep, and an enhanced sense of well being - the "indium high." Long-term benefits include a gradual correction of many chronic illnesses. This includes, but is not limited to, improved blood pressure, healthier body weight, and a reversal of visible signs of aging.

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How we select our products

Our mission is to find products that work and deliver them to the public at the best possible price. We search for products providing broad nutritional support to counteract the declining quality of the food we eat. We look for minerals and vitamins derived from living cells and not synthesized in a laboratory. We look for minerals and vitamins delivered as complex structures created by nature, which are proven to be far more effective and superior to their chemically synthesized counterparts. Please check our Indium-APW, MezotraceMultiplex, Cytolog, ADR Ceramics, Velvet Antler, Ashwagandha and  Shilajit.  Discover the difference.


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